New Travel Schedule & More

Over the last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about my plans for the future. Not just the plan for the rest of the trip, but something deeper. Given where I am in my life, what sort of opportunities make sense in terms of my creative process and my future professional development.

First, the immediate changes to my Queer Embraces project, which has now ceased to be a trip and is instead the integral component of my life. The biggest change in the schedule is now spending a solid two weeks in New York. Though unexpected, I’m certain this change will be really productive to my writing.

July 5th-14th- Montreal
July 14th-29th- New York City
July 29th-August 6th- Wisconsin & Chicago
August 6th-13th- Los Angeles
August 13th-27th- Portland/Seattle
August 27th- Return to San Francisco

On the longer term aspect, I’ve now decided to apply for a U.S. Student Fulbright to conduct a research project on HIV/AIDS activism, history, and creative arts in Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose will be to create a mixed genre work with documentary elements, critical reflections, personal essay, and other poetics that connect these histories in South Africa to HIV/AIDS activists and artists from the early AIDS epidemic. When talking about a virus like HIV, we really need to be able to connect global and intertwined lives, and to probe on how much we choose to remember or, on the the other hand, to forget.

To that respect, does anyone know individuals in Cape Town or South Africa as whole working specifically on HIV/AIDS prevention?