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this booklet i hold in my hands is probably worth 250,000 dollars & i think oh my god this tiny black and white booklet is worth more than i’ll earn in the next five years but i look at the grayscale cover & i’m lost in a sublime space the memory of felix gonzalez-torres’ body this cover is both…

New poem is up, inspired by some archival research the other day.

Some Favorite Songs of 2014 - So Far

1. Shabazz Palaces - “Forerunner Foray”

Shabazz Palaces is no stranger to innovation, but Forerunner Foray” takes this innovation to the spaciest, slickest, sickest level they’ve ever gotten. This is pure perfection & the epitome of why they’re the hottest act in hip hop right now. I could listen to this song over and over again and not be tired of it.

2. Perfume Genius- “Queen”

Perfume Genius has been one of my favorite artists since his last album. His music is direct, confrontational, but also haunting and transformative. He goes to musical places most artists only dare to go. “Queen” is a sonic departure from the softer edges of before, but he’s fiercer and bolder than ever, staking a claim for being queer in a world of discrimination.

3. tune-yards- “Look Around”

Some fault tune-yards for being a bit too DIY, but this song will make her detractors rethink their opinion. Stripped down and restrained, the track features both elegant song writing (you wouldn’t believe what I saw in the city tonight / the most brilliantly rhyming terrors) and impassioned electronic backing that creates difficult-to-find texture in conventional “pop” writing.

4. St. Vincent - “Prince Johnny”

St. Vincent’s latest self-titled album is a wonder for its unique guitar playing and conceptual flair, but one of her slowest songs on the album is also the best. At four and a half minutes, it would be easy for the song to drag, but St. Vincent’s commanding voice and crooning lines like “we’re all sons of someone,” leave you, as the listener, enthralled.

5. Baths - “Ocean Death”

Baths provides his own brand of soft, often times melancholia, electronica but “Ocean Deaths” might be one of his most stripped down efforts to date. One of the best parts about the song is the near dead silence in the middle and the slow rebuilding and retexturing of the sound. It’ll be exciting to where he’s headed next.